HSM Classic 390.3 Cross Cut Shredder (DISCONTINUED)

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Features of HSM Classic 390.3 Cross Cut Shredder

  • Anti-Jam technology
  • Shreds type: paper, staples, paper clips, credit/store cards, CDs/DVDs and floppy disks
  • High cutting capacity steel cylinder
  • Quality assurance: made in Germany
  • Stand-by mode consumes zero energy
  • "Whisper technology" keeps operation quiet
  • Reversing function with on/off switch
  • Long lasting wear-resistant solid steel cutting rollers
  • Bin-full/bin open stops
  • Storage for paper stacks
  • Color: light grey
  • 39 gallon bin capacity

Description of the HSM 390.3 Cross Cut Shredder

The second largest model in the HSM Classic series, the 390.3 cross cut shredder is a high quality, durable machine for heavy workloads. HSM Classic features are standard, such as a simple on/off switch with integrated reverse function and paper detection, which signals the 390.3 to automatically begin shredding when paper is inserted and stop when shredding is complete. In standby mode, the 390.3 is on and ready to shred at any moment, but does not consume any energy when idle. And when the 39 gallon waste bin is full, the 390.3 automatically halts shredding to prevent overflow. Only when the bin is empty and cabinet door is closed correctly will the 390.3 start shredding again. Solid steel cutting rollers boast long lasting durability. HSM uses JamStop Technology to detect paper jams before any damage occurs to the shredder. Reverse mode will reverse the cutting rollers to eject the paper jam.

Because it is a larger shredder, the 16” throat can take wider sheets of paper. Although it is a cross cut shredder, the 390.3 can shred up to 27 sheets per pass, including paper clips and staples. Unlike smaller models, the 390.3 CC has a secondary slot just for discs and floppy disks. The 390.3 also has a wide shelf area that works as a storage shelf to hold paper stacks when shredding large quantities. Continuous duty operation enables users to shred high volumes at once. Shred stack after stack without worrying about overheating the motor. Whisper Technology will keep shred noise quiet, no matter what you shred, discs or paper. HSM Classic shredders are guaranteed effective shredders for offices. The 390.3 is also available with different security levels and a strip cut version.

Full Specs of the HSM Classic 390.3 Cross Cut Shredder

Shred Type Cross Cut
Shred Size ⅛” X 1 ½”
Sheet Capacity 25-27 sheets*
Throat Size 16”
Electrical Requirements 120 V
Shipping Weight 133.5 lbs
Height 35 7/10”
Width 23 2/5”
Depth 18 1/2”
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred Staples Yes

Video of the HSM Classic 390.3 Cross Cut Shredder