HSM Classic 411.2 L5 Cross Cut Shredder

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Features of HSM Classic 411.2 L5 Cross Cut Shredder

  • Anti-Jam technology
  • Shreds type: paper, staples
  • High cutting capacity steel cylinder
  • Quality assurance: made in Germany
  • Stand-by mode consumes zero energy
  • "Whisper technology" keeps operation quiet
  • Reversing function with on/off switch
  • Long lasting wear-resistant solid steel cutting rollers
  • Bin-full/bin open stops
  • Paper sacks storage space available
  • Color: light grey
  • 38.5 gallon bin capacity

Description of the HSM 411.2 High Security L5 Cross Cut Shredder

From the HSM Classic line, the 411.2 model is the largest. Mid-sized offices with more to shred need a bigger shredder with higher capabilities. Even though it is a higher level shredder, the 411.2 is big, the largest in the HSM Classic series and shredding up to 19 sheets at a time. Each sheet is shredded into over 7,000 particles and falls into the 38.5 gallon waste bin below. When the shred bag is full, the 411.5 will halt shredding to prevent overflow and damage, while the keypad control with LED light indicates to the user it’s time to empty the bin. Shredding will continue once the bin is no longer full and the cabinet door is properly closed. No need to remove staples and paper clips before shredding because the solid steel cutting rollers tear through them.

The JamStop Anti Jam Technology will detect paper jams and automatically run the shred rollers in reverse, ejecting the jam. The on/off rocker switch also includes the reverse function for manual reverse. A wide 16” throat allows users to destroy different paper sizes, not just typical copy paper. The 411.2 Level 5 shredder is high security, but now noise. Whisper technology quiets shred operation to keep the office relatively quiet and free of noisy distractions. The shredder’s surface even has a ledge so users can use it as a storage space to hold shred items. Inbetween shred jobs, instead of turning the 411.2 off and then on again multiple times, keep the shredder on. Standby mode consumes zero energy when idle, can then jumps back into action when prompted. Most higher security shredder won’t have such high capacities, but the 411.2 is designed to support and protect offices with multiple users. The 411.2 is available in varying security levels and a strip cut model.

Full Specs of the HSM Classic 411.2 L5 Cross Cut Shredder

SKU HSM411.2HSL5-1569
Shred Type Cross Cut
Shred Size 1/32” X 7/16”
Sheet Capacity 17-19 sheets*
Throat Size 16”
Electrical Requirements 120 V
Shipping Weight 229.5 lbs
Height 37 ⅘”
Width 23 ⅖”
Depth 18 ½”
Shreds Credit Cards -
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred Staples Yes