3 Data Destruction Tips to Get Rid of Sensitive Information

3 Data Destruction Tips to Get Rid of Sensitive Information

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Do you really know what's stored on your computer? What about those old files in the drawers and cardboard boxes? All these documents might contain sensitive information about your business and its clients. Avoid unnecessary risks with the following data destruction tips!

In a 2018 survey, nearly 60 million Americans said they had been affected by identity theft.

Data hacks and breaches of major retailers are becoming more common as well. Between the start of January 2017 to now, at least 14 retailers experienced hacks, including companies like Sears and Delta airlines.

These examples demonstrate why data destruction is so important. Implementing data destruction methods can protect individuals and companies in many ways.

Continuing reading to learn more about these methods.


One way to get rid of sensitive information through data destruction is by overwriting the unwanted, old data with new data.

Overwriting is the most common method of data destruction. It is cost effective and environmentally friendly. There is software available which can be used to clear specific data and remove all remnants of deleted data.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that overwriting only works when the storage media is not damaged and is still writable.


Another form of data destruction is degaussing. Degaussing erases the magnetic field of the storage medium with a device called a degausser.

This technique leaves data unreadable, making it a great option for highly sensitive information.

Degaussing can be expensive. The products can be heavy and, due to its strong electromagnetic field, can cause collateral damage to other equipment nearby.

Physical Destruction

Physical destruction involves shredding and/or destroying documents or storage media which contain sensitive information. Time to bring out the shredder! There are many types of shredders available for personal or office use.

Hard drive shredders shred electronic media like hard drive, floppy disks, CD's, USB sticks, cell phones and more. Many of these electronics can be hard to dispose of. Using a hard drive shredder guarantees your data will be properly destroyed.

Companies that have to comply with strict data destruction policy and laws should turn to high-security shredders. They are approved by the NSA for paper destruction.

Physical destruction gives you peace of mind, as it guarantees absolute data destruction.

The Future of Data Destruction

As more of our data is stored in the cloud, there is the question of how to handle data destruction within the cloud. The answer is accompanied by uncertainty.

With most services, data from former customers is overwritten and impossible to recover though it's been said there is no good way to know that.

One good thing to consider is that many more companies are aware of the importance of secure data destruction. Data breaches are expensive and damage a company's reputation. Therefore, it is in the companies' best interest to find data destruction solutions.

As for now... continue to keep your shredder handy.

Wrapping Up

Take steps today to protect your data.

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