HSM Securio P44 OMDD Optical Media Shredder Level 6/P-7

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Features of HSM Securio P44 L6 Optical Media Shredder

  • Shreds type: paper, paper clips, staple sets, credit/store cards and CDs/DVDs
  • High cutting capacity steel cylinder
  • Anti-jam technology prevents overloaded jams
  • Continuous Duty Operation saves your time
  • Saves energy consumption by up to 90%
  • Quality assurance: made in Germany
  • UL approved and CE certified safety system
  • "Whisper technology" keeps operation quiet
  • Reversing function with multifunction button
  • Monitor filling level with inspection window
  • Color: white
  • Bin capacity: 55 gallon

Description of the HSM Securio P44 OMDD L6 Optical Media Shredder

One of the largest HSM office shredders in the Securio series, the P44 OMDD is a high security optical media shredder. Documents are not the only items containing top secret information. With the P44 OMDD, offices can destroy paper as well as credit cards and CDs/DVDs. Particles meet requirements for Level 6/P-7 shredding. The P44 OMDD has 2 feed slots, one for paper and the other for optical media. Each feed slot will collect particles in 2 different shred containers. Paper particles will fall into a 55 gallon shred bag and plastic residue collects in a smaller plastic container located inside the cabinet door. When either shred container is full, shredding will stop and the corresponding icon will light up to alert users. Other icons around the control button alert users to open cabinet door, paper jam, and more. If a paper jam occurs, users are alerted and the AntiJam Technology automatically reverse until the paper is released from the cutting head. Whisper Technology keeps shred noise quiet so your office isn’t overwhelmed with loud shred noise. High volume shredding means users can destroy large amounts of confidential information by constantly feeding the P44. Continuous duty operation keeps the P44 shredding without requiring rest in between. The powerful will then reduce power consumption by 90% during standby to conserve energy. Users can relocate the P44 via castors that are built in for convenience. The automatic oiler keeps cutting rollers well lubricated for smooth operation, no manual oiling needed. The P44 OMDD is a handy high security shredder that destroys both paper and optical media for complete data destruction. The P44 is also available as strip cut, cross cut, and high security versions.

Full Specs of the HSM Securio P44 L6 OMDD Optical Media Shredder

Shred Type Cross Cut
Shred Size 1/32" x 3/16”
Sheet Capacity 18-20 sheets
Throat Size 16”
Electrical Requirements 120 V
Shipping Weight 305 lbs
Height 40.4”
Width 27.6”
Depth 23.3”
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred DVDs and CDs Yes

Video of the HSM Securio P44 L6 OMDD Optical Media Shredder