HSM Powerline 450.2 Cross Cut Shredder Level 3/P-4

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Features of HSM Powerline 450.2 Cross Cut Shredder

  • Shreds type: paper, staples, paper clips, credit/store cards, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks and USB sticks
  • Conveyor feeding electronically
  • Anti-jam technology prevents overloaded jams
  • Continuous Duty Operation saves your time
  • Quality assurance: made in Germany
  • Advanced SPS controller with multi-language display
  • Note: please fill in the "HSM Configuration Form and Installation Checklist" below.
  • Please also note that this model may require certain electrical requirements. Please call, chat, or request a quote for more details.
  • 76.6 gallon bin capacity

Description of the HSM Powerline 450.2 Cross Cut Shredder

The HSM 450.2 cross cut shredder offers high throughput for large capacity materials. When you need more power than a typical office shredder. Places such as production areas, archives, and centralized shredding points need timely and safe destruction of information in the form of documents and media all require powerful machines. Shred up to 85 sheets of paper at a time and particles will simply fall into the gallon waste bin. Paper is inserted into a feed opening with an integrated light barrier that signals the 450.2 to automatically start shredding and stop when shredding completed. If paper items are crumpled or bulk items do not fit in the feed opening, use the large filling hopper instead. Use the handle located on the side to open up the hopper, fill it with bulky items and then close it. Once closed, the items fall into the shred rollers below. Shred paper, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, staples, paper clips, USB sticks, and floppy disks with just one machine.

It may seem intimidating for a paper shredder, but the HSM 450.2 is just as easy to use as some of HSM’s smaller paper shredders. The continuous duty motor and hardened solid steel cutters do most of the work for you. An advanced SPS controller allows users to operate the 450.2 and view operation status during the shredding process. Users can reverse the cutting rollers via the control panel to release paper. Additionally, JamStop Anti Jam Technology detects paper jams and automatically switches into reverse mode. In the 76.6 gallon waste bin, a shred bag is placed on the mobile collection trolley. The trolley easily slides in and out of the 450.2 for waste disposal. And if shredding is required elsewhere, integrated rollers make it less difficult to move around. If desired, an optional fold out storage space that can hold paper stacks and other items during shredding.

Full Specs of the HSM Powerline 450.2 Cross Cut Shredder

Shred Type Cross Cut
Shred Size 2” X ⅛”
Sheet Capacity 80-85 sheets*
Throat Size 17.5”
Electrical Requirements 208 V
Shipping Weight 645 lbs
Height 62 ⅗””
Width 29 ⅓”
Depth 26 1/9”
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred CDs & DVDs Yes

Video of the HSM Powerline 450.2 Cross Cut Shredder