The Benefits of Using a Personal Paper Shredder

The Benefits of Using a Personal Paper Shredder

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A personal paper shredder protects your identity and keeps your home office organized. Here are more benefits of using a paper shredder.

Taking care of sensitive documents is not something you should consider lightly. Simply balling them up and throwing them into the recycling bin isn't good enough. Tearing them up can also leave a lot of your personal information exposed.

The investment in a personal paper shredder can take care of those documents so the details don't get found where you least want them to. There are other benefits to using a paper shredder, as well.

Regardless of whether you run a busy office or a startup company out of your garage, a personal paper shredder is one piece of office equipment you need to buy.

Your Personal Paper Shredder

Large organizations have trucks arrive to shred the documents for them and they take care of the whole process. For the individual, it's not cost-effective.

Security for Documents

You can easily see that the documents are shredded and the information is unretrievable. Client information and contacts, banking information, credit card statements. Any sensitive material you want to be kept out of the hands of thieves.

By using your own shredder, you don't need to rely on a third party to come in and take care of the document shredding. This way, you know the information is destroyed and you don't need to worry about some of it getting missed.

Plus, shredding the documents yourself means no one sees them, even for a few seconds, which is enough time for some to get more information than you want them to see.

Low Cost

The smaller, portable shredder is easy to use, easy to move around and doesn't cost a lot. It's the perfect solution for your home or small office. The home office shredder can meet all your needs and takes up very little space.

You don't need to pay for a shredding service and the maintenance and upkeep of a small shredder in your office are very low.

Less Waste

The shredder can take the document from page to strips to confetti in an instant. These papers can still be recycled and they take up much less space than a discarded page.

Because you can pick the cut you want, you can decide how small the paper will go. Cross cut, strip cuts and micro cuts all for your own security and peace of mind. Mixed with other shredded documents or placed in with shredded paper from other bins enhances the security level.


You can simply drop the documents into the shredder and they are destroyed. No worrying or leaving them to someone else and you can easily see they are finished. You can take care of the shredding without even leaving your desk.

Get Shredded

The benefits of having your own personal paper shredder are plenty. You can be sure that your sensitive documents are taken care of yourself and no information is getting taken or seen by anyone.

Please contact us for more information about personal shredders, security levels of shredding and any other questions you may have.