What Type of Cardboard Shredder Do You Need?

What Type of Cardboard Shredder Do You Need?

By: Eric Buhlman

We all know that paper shredders are a necessity for any office.

But what about a cardboard shredder? Do you really need one?

Paper shredders are used to shred important and personal information. Since we don't write our social security numbers on cardboard very often, cardboard shredders have a different purpose.

Any business or warehouse that accumulates large volumes of cardboard needs this machine.

In fact, 100 billion cardboard boxes are used every year, so chances are you have some laying around your office.

When choosing a cardboard shredder, it helps to know that there are different options. Click here to learn how to choose one that suits your needs.

Why You Need a Cardboard Shredder

Most companies are unaware that cardboard shredders even exist. These machines can save space and reduce waste. Plus, they're eco-friendly.

When you shred your cardboard boxes, you will end up with soft cardboard strips that can be used in packaging.

Cardboard is better for the environment than other packaging materials, such as styrofoam, bubble wrap, or plastic.

You are also saving costs by not having to buy additional packaging materials.

Cardboard Shredders for Small Volumes

Cardboard shredders generally come in three different sizes. The small volume size is perfect for stores that don't have a lot of cardboard waste.

These machines are actually small enough to sit on a desk. You can generally only shred on a sheet of cardboard at a time, but they are quieter than a vacuum.

This would be a great investment for any shop. Especially since it doesn't take up a lot of space.

Cardboard Shredders for Medium to Large Volumes

The medium to large volume works great in warehouses.

These models are too big to sit on a desk. Since they have a larger motor, they can shred up to 39 feet per second.

Medium volume shredders can shred up to three sheets of cardboard at a time. They're ideal for warehouses that want to cut down on waste and save money.

Large Volume Cardboard Shredders

If you are working in a distribution center, you will need a cardboard shredder for large volumes.

These machines can fit any size of cardboard.

The convenient thing about cardboard shredders, even large volume models, is that they're on wheels and can be easily moved around.

They can also be hooked up industrial vacuums to minimize the dust.


A grinder is useful if you have waste that has staples or other materials embedded in the cardboard.

Removing all the staples from a cardboard box would be a very tedious task. A grinder would allow you to shred the entire box without having to go through the work of removing each individual staple.

Get Shredding

No matter what type of business you have, you can benefit from a cardboard shredder.

They're eco-friendly, and the shredded products are perfect for packaging.

So get on board and do your part to save the environment! Give us a call and we can help you with all your shredding needs.