HSM DF-44-720D DuraFlex Shred Bin Console

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  • $ 550


  • Customized ID badge included
  • Comes with a nylon reusable bag
  • Allows console to slide easily
  • Includes lock and (1) key

          Description of the HSM DF-44-720D DURAFLEX SHRED BIN CONSOLE

          The HSM DuraFlex Shred Console features strong poly components that make it stand out from it's competition. The shred console is used to provide security to highly sensitive documents before the shredding process begins. It provides a tamper proof entrance that also disables "lazy tosses" from occurring. It includes a lightweight, yet durable "Perfect Fit" Nylon bag that ensures simple collection and dumping of the highly sensitive documents. The lightweight design and "Perfect Fit" Nylon bag creates a simple process in dumping sensitive documents safely and efficiently. The console is stationary that includes a lock and key system (1 key is included, additional keys can be purchased separately) that enables the opening of any Shredinator, PDC and console cart for efficient collection of secured items. The DuraFlex Shred Console includes an internal lock plate and double turn lock for added security as well. It includes an 3 1/16" W x 1 1/4" H ID badge for proper identification of your highly sensitive documents while inside the "Perfect Fit" Nylon bag. It's capacity of up to 80 lbs. of documents proves its durability and efficiency with a high volume of documents. The HSM DuraFlex Shred Console is ideal for hospitals, schools and offices. The HSM DuraFlex Shred Console properly secures highly sensitive information until the shredding process takes place. It fits perfectly in any area due to its medium size and neutral color. It can be placed in either an area with high foot traffic for everyone to use or away in a small corner. The HSM DuraFlex lock system, snug "Perfect Fit" bag, and durable design makes it the ideal solution for securing and protecting highly sensitive documents.