HSM HDS 150-1 Hard Drive Shredder

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Ideal for the destruction of hard drives, CD's, floppy disks, USB sticks, chip cards, solid state drives, phone batteries, and memory cards, the HDS is the newest shredder that can destroy all of your sensitive information.

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Description of the HSM 150-1 Hard Drive Shredder

The Powerline HDS 150-1 obliterates electronic media and digital media storage for an all around protection. High security shredding should not be limited to paper, as computers and CDs hold so much information that they must be disposed of properly as well. HSM has the HDS 150 line of hard drive shredders. The HDS can destroy CDs/DVDs, BluRay discs, credit cards, cassettes, floppy disks, computer hard drives, USBs, magnetic tapes, and more! And it can destroy 750 hard drives per hour for a powerful and fast shred. Most hard drive shredders will only accept items up to 1” in thickness, but the HDS 150-1 can shred hard drives up to 3.5” thick. With T1, E2, and H3 security (DIN 66399 security levels), your hard drives are well destroyed by high security standards. You won’t be able to find another hard drive shredder with the power and security of the HDS 150 in its compact size.

Digital media storage is so commonly used nowadays that bad disposal habits can result in a data breach. Digital information is more difficult to destroy because of the materials, but HSM builds the HDS 150 with hardened solid steel cutting rollers for complete destruction. At a convenient working height, simply insert items through the slot. Materials can sometimes jam, so the automatic return function will eliminate the issue. The HDS 150 is a low maintenance machine thanks to the closed direct drive unit. Though incredibly powerful, the HDS 150 only stands at 43.5”, a convenient working height, and weighs 1,646 lbs, making it smaller than most hard drive shredders and easier to place. In addition to its size, another convenient feature is the plug that can be used with any standard outlet, meaning users are not limited to the corner of a warehouse. In fact, users can easily move the HDS around on its sturdy castors. Even noise is exceptionally quiet for such a powerful shredder. A dBA rating of 57 keeps the 150-1 nas noisy as an electric toothbrush. A removable waste bin makes it easy to effortlessly dispose of shred debris without having to come in direct contact. The HDS 150 is a powerful, energy saving hard drive shredder that is ideal for decentralised destruction of smaller quantities of data media.

Full Specs of the HSM 150-1 Hard Drive Shredder

SKU HSMHDS150-1-1772-1
Throughput per Hour Up to 750 hard drives
Security Level DIN 66399 T-1 / E-2 / H-3
Shred Width 1.5”x Random
Throat Size 6.5”x11.5”x2.4”
Electrical Requirements 120 V / Dedicated 20 amp
dB Rating 57 dB
Motor Power (Horsepower) 2 HP
Weight 1646 lbs
Height 43.5”
Width 46.8”
Depth 31.3”
Hour Meter Yes
Bin Full Signal Yes
Auto Reverse Yes