HSM HDS 150-2 Hard Drive Shredder

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Ideal for the destruction of hard drives, CD's, floppy disks, USB sticks, chip cards, solid state drives, phone batteries, and memory cards, the HDS is the newest shredder that can destroy all of your sensitive information.

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HSM is known for its high quality paper shredders, but is not limited to just paper destruction. The HDS 150-2 hard drive shredder is a powerful 230V machine in a compact design. Shred CDs/DVDs, BluRay discs, credit cards, cassettes, floppy disks, computer hard drives, USBs, magnetic tapes, and more. And while most hard drive shredders will only take items up to 1” in thickness, the HDS will shred items up to 3.5” thick. In the age of digital media, information and data can now be easily hacked or lifted off of discs, hard drives, and other items. These materials also require secure shredding to prevent data breaches. The Powerline HDS 150-2 meets T1, E2, and H3 high security standards (DIN 66399 security levels) and can destroy 1,250 drives per hour.

An HSM shredder wouldn’t be complete without solid steel cutting rollers for powerful shredding. Despite all of its capabilities, the HDS 150 is smaller than most hard drive shredders, but also more powerful. The HDS-2 weighs 1,470 lbs and stands at 43.5” for easier mobility. The HDS is convenient because it can be moved around on its sturdy castors and plugs into any standard outlet. An automatic return feature eliminates material jams while the multifunction element enables intuitive operation. The slot is at working height and a removable waste bin collects shred particles for safe and easy cleanup. Users might worry about the noise, but the HDS only has a DBA rating of 57, which is as loud as an electric toothbrush. The HDS 150 hard drive shredder is low maintenance and compact, perfect for easy digital media shredding.

Full Specs of the HSM 150-2 Hard Drive Shredder

SKU HSMHDS150-12-1772-2
Throughput per Hour Up to 1250 hard drives
Security Level DIN 66399 T-1 / E-2 / H-3
Shred Width 1.5”x Random
Throat Size 6.5”x11.5”x2.4”
Electrical Requirements 120 V / Dedicated 20 amp
dB Rating 57 dB
Motor Power (Horsepower) 2 HP
Weight 1650 lbs
Height 44”
Width 47”
Depth 32”
Hour Meter Yes
Bin Full Signal Yes
Auto Reverse Yes