HSM Securio B26 1/4" Strip Cut Shredder Level 2/P-2

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Features of HSM Securio B26 1/4" Strip Cut Shredder

  • Shreds type: paper, staples, paper clips, credit/store cards and CDs/DVDs
  • High cutting capacity steel cylinder
  • Bin-full/bin-open stops
  • Automatic start and stop
  • Continuous Duty Operation saves your time
  • Quality assurance: made in Germany
  • Zero Energy standby to save energy while no power is used
  • "Whisper technology" keeps operation quiet
  • Monitor filling level with inspection window
  • Color: white

Description of the HSM Securio B26 ¼” Strip Cut Shredder

This Securio strip cut shredder can shred paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, and of course paper. Powerful steel cutting rollers can destroy up to 30 sheets of paper at once, cutting 38 strips per page, all ¼” wide. The multifunction and reverse buttons easily control the shredder, but the B26 has so many automated functions that users can sit back. Once the shredder is turned on, automatic start/stop detects paper and only shreds when paper is present, stopping once completely shredded. Though there is a reverse button, the AntiJam technology detects and automatically reverses paper jams. When the bin is full, the B26 stops shredding, signalling action. And its green, energy saving feature reduces power consumption by 90% when in standby mode. Noise levels are kept to a minimum to keep the office and quiet as possible, which is a handy feature especially during continuous duty operation. The B26 has a slightly larger waste bin than the B24, but both are ideal small business shredders. The B26 is ideal for users who want the 14.5 gallon bin capacity, but do not need or want to pay for a higher security cross cut shredder. Strip cut is usually faster than cross cut and an affordable, easy to use option to reduce paper bulk. The B26 is also available in cross cut versions.

Full Specs of the HSM Securio B26 1/4” Strip Cut Shredder

SKU HSMB26S-1801
Shred Type Strip Cut
Shred Size ¼”
Sheet Capacity 28-30 sheets*
Throat Size 11”
Electrical Requirements 120 V
Shipping Weight 53.4 lbs
Height 26.6”
Width 19.6”
Depth 15.5”
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred Staples Yes