HSM Shredinator 27" Shredder Bin

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  • Tamper proof lid for secure disposal of documents
  • Protects 60 lbs. of highly sensitive documents up until shredding process
  • Lockable container fits under tight spaces

      Description of the HSM SHREDINATOR 27" SHREDDER BIN

      The Shredinator is designed to hold an optimal amount of sensitive documents in the smallest amount of space. It can hold up to 60 lbs. of paper in a tight space such as under a desk or in a corner away from office traffic. The Shredinator is commonly used in offices that need data destruction, yet are tight on space, such as hospitals, universities, or large offices. It is constructed of durable plastic that is 100% recyclable. The Shredinator's removable lid combined with its' ergonomic top and bottom handle makes it easy to transport or dump the sensitive documents inside when necessary. The lid is also tamper proof to provide maximum protection of any sensitive documents inside. The lasting design of the Shredinator blends in with most offices due to its natural color and small size. It is equipped with a key that can be used with multiple Shredinators, and any cart, console or PDC. This is convenient for any user of the Shredinator, and provides added protection as well. The lightweight design, ergonomic handles create a simple process for dumping sensitive documents safely and efficiently. The Shredinator is convenient because it enables less frequent emptying of the container due to its ability to hold a large amount of paper at an affordable size. The compact Shredinator can be placed in areas in the office with high foot traffic for everyone to use or it can be hidden in a cabinet or under a desk. The 30" Shredinator is perfect for keeping private documents secure while fitting into a small space.