The 3 Types of Paper Shredders Every Office Needs

The 3 Types of Paper Shredders Every Office Needs

By: Eric Buhlman

types of paper shredders
With the advances in technology, paper shredders nowadays are more versatile than ever before. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for micro-cut shredders, cross-cut shredders, strip-cut models, and much more. To help you out, we're going to talk about the three main types of paper shredders every office needs!

Did you know that there are documents besides financial related papers that should be shredded? That's right, you should also shred return labels, extra birth announcements, old resumes and more.

However, regardless of what you need to shred, you need to make sure you have a shredder that can handle the job.

To make sure you purchase the best shredder for your needs, you need to think about how it is going to be used, as well as your budget.

Learn more about the types of paper shredders available here and find the best shredder for your needs.

What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Paper Shredder

You need to fully understand the specifications and the various performance features of a paper shredder you are interested in before you purchase it. This will help you avoid disappointment down the road.

The last thing you want to do is buy a shredder that's inefficient, can't handle the number of papers you have or isn't able to keep up. This is especially true if multiple people in the office will be using it.

To prevent buying the wrong shredder, make sure to use the information here.

Types of Paper Shredders to Consider

When you begin looking for paper shredders you will discover there are three main types to choose from. These include:

Strip-Cut Shredders

This works just like the name implies, it cuts the paper into strips. Unfortunately, putting the paper back together with this shredder isn't exactly challenging.

Due to the low-level of security, it isn't recommended that you use this type of shredder for sensitive documents.

Cross-Cut Shredders

With this shredder, the paper is cut into little bits. It works by cutting the paper diagonally from each corner to create pieces that aren't legible.

This type of shredder is more secure than a strip cut shredders, but not as secure when it comes to sensitive information as the micro-cut shredder.

Micro-Cut Shredders

This is the most precise and advanced shredder available. It essentially turns your paper into confetti.

If you have highly sensitive documents, then the micro cut paper shredder is the one you want to purchase.

What Level of Security Do You Need?

You will need to consider this question carefully. In most cases, the answer will depend on the type of documents you plan to shred.

The fact is, not having a shredder at all is the worst mistake you can make. There are countless ways thieves and criminals can take advantage of information you may deem insignificant.

Purchasing a Shredder: Make the Right Choice

There are some people who may not put much thought into the types of paper shredders, or the specific needs they have when purchasing one for business use. Unfortunately, this isn't a good practice.

If you don't purchase the right type of shredder, you may be putting your business's sensitive information at risk.

The best way to avoid this is by using the information here and finding the shredder that best meets your needs.

If you need information on purchasing a cardboard shredder, or shredders for hard drives, you can visit our blog. Here you will find helpful resources, so you can make informed decisions.